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I've got a Ruger Mk II Compact in 260 and it's just a great rifle, though I don't know if they offer it in that caliber now. LOP is 12 1/2 inches, I'd prefer a full 13 1/2 for me, but I've adapted to the shorter LOP. I may add an extender to get to 13 inches and be happy there. I had an idea to get myself a Tikka T3 Lite Stainless in 260, but found that they didn't offer the rifle in that caliber at present, and the Sako light stainless isn't offered in that caliber now either. So basically you are limited on the rifles that can be had in that caliber unless you like Savage or want to get a more high-dollar rifle. My recommendation would be to find a Remington Model 7 in 260, unless the short barrel is a deal killer. I think maybe you can get that rifle in that caliber, but that's a 'think' and not a 'know'. And then there's the option of buying whatever used short action rifle in a 308 based caliber that strikes your fancy and having it rebarreled with a nifty new high dollar and top level barrel. Personally, I'd go with that last option unless your available funds limit you to Savage.

And if somebody comes back to say that Tikka now has the rifle in 260, I'll be all over that in a heartbeat and I hope I beat you to it.
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