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whereas civilians are looking to avoid bad guys and getting away from dangerous locations. Civilians who carry for self defense do not need a taclight-equipped pistol.
Making a blanket statement like this always leaves you wrong. What if a civilian can't get away from a dangerous location? Never say never. Period.

To demonstrate, let me give you a hypothetical:

You are driving at night and your car breaks down on a dark road. As you are fixing it, an assailant gets the drop on you. Do you really think that you have time to pull out your gun with your strong hand and your flashlight with your weak hand before defending yourself?

There are times when a weapon mounted light on a carry gun are not only applicable, but are a good idea as well. Better to have and not need than need and not have...

Anyways, rarely do I keep my TLR-1s on my carry gun, typically when my M&P goes on my hip, the light comes off, and when my gun goes into the gunvault at night, the light goes back on.
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