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With carbide dies for pistol, no lube is required. Also, straight-walled pistol cases don't need to be trimmed. Progressive press operation can be "straight thru".

Bottleneck rifle cases require lube. Also, they need to be checked for trim length after resizing. One way of dealing with this is to do the following -
  • lube
  • resize/reprime
  • remove lube
  • check for trim length, trim as necessary
  • remove resizing die from press
  • use progressive operation to charge, seat bullet

Some use a dry lube (to minimize powder bridging) and reload in batches, trimming the entire batch to minimum before starting and thereafter every x reloads, rather than worry about trim length after resizing. This permits uninterrupted progressive reloading.

I believe most prefer to "resize/reprime separately", as there is more control of the process and fewer assumptions about uniformity.
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