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A few newb questions

First off I havent received my press yet, shipping delayed. I opted for the cheaper Lee load-master as I will load primarely pistol.
I plan on putting all my used intact brass in a tumbler with walnut shells.
Then I put them in the press and crank through the stations until cartridge comes out. 5 station.
What I am having the problem with is primer pocket cleaning. Does it have to be done, recomended, or not needed?
Same question for case sizing, chamfering?
It would be easy enough to cycle brass through to remove primer first then vibrate, trim and chamfer. But I am not getting the full use of the press.
What say you guys?
I will eventually use the same press for 44mag, 460mag, and probably some rifle like 303, 30-06.
Also, are gas checked lead bullets available pre-assembled?
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