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Para-Ordnance: Trying to decide whether to upgrade or sell


I have a Para GI Expert. It was built a year to a year and a half after they moved from Canada to North Carolina. It has had issues with failures to feed. I sent it back to Para and they did some things like polish some part of the barrel or barrel hood, install a new slide stop, and adjust the extractor. I claimed the sighting was off. They said no, but since getting it back, I noticed it is still off. The failures to feed were worked out but not with the OEM Mec-Gar mags, rather with my good Checkmate mags.

I noticed there is an indentation in the bullet primer when chambering a round. It doesn't look like it's the firing pin but rather the edge of the extractor. Also, the extractor seems adjusted a little or somewhat to close to the firing pin hole located at the back of the slide (I forget what that part is called). Naturally, I'm concerned about this and will need to have it looked at or make it clear to a buyer if I just want get rid of this one 1911.

I'm considering investing funds into it to have a new, good quality extractor put into it and having the sights adjusted. The sights issue may entail a new front or rear sight. It is shooting low and to the left.

Something I don't know about my Para is how close it is to being "in spec" or in relative spec. By in relative in spec, I mean the relationships between pin holes in both the frame and slide, extractor hole, barrel dimensions relative to the slide and frame, angle of feed ramp, and other things of a similar nature. Would anyone know?

My feelings are the following: Aesthetically, I like this model. Also, Gun Tests magazine noticed this model shows hire velocities than it's competitors. On the other hand, I've come to dislike Para the company for a few reasons.

It may come down to how in spec or how in relative spec it is as written above.

Other trivia: The slide on the frame is glass-smooth. I don't have experience shooting h.p.'s though it.

Enjoy, be safe.
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