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NoSecondBest, what stocks have you used if you don't mind me asking? I replaced one with a B&C Medalist Tactical which I'm very happy with. That was a short action though. I'm looking for one that will be good in the field. I was considering a laminate classic from Boyds, but on their new website I can't find any for long action centerfeed detach box magazines. The other one, which a lot of people don't like, is the hogue with aluminum bedding block. Anything other good options I'm missing?

Oryx, yeah I wasn't expecting much in terms of accuracy yesterday. Like I said, I never would have bought those bullets, but since they came with the gun I'll shoot them and have some shells to reload with. I like shooting with a bipod, but given the situation I'll take everyone's advice and find something else to shoot off of next time out. I have no doubt the gun is capable of good groups, I'll just have to do a little experimenting. Getting quality practice time in is another huge hurtle for me thanks to my work schedule. Also, wind gusts out here in CO do get pretty crazy. 40mph gusts are reasonably common, and we've had them as high at 60mph. I would have guessed yesterday they were around 30mph.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I think we've beat this question to death.. I just need to get out to the range and make a few changes.
The Jeep has been a lot of fun, but time to come back to my first hobby.. shooting.
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