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Originally Posted by Mr. Whimsy
My shooting technique does not "need a little work". It is disability-related. Thanks for condescending, though.
taylorce1 has been around here for a while, and I've rarely (if ever) seen him be condescending. He had no way of knowing your shooting technique was impaired due to a disability. Had you included that in your OP, that would have avoided a bit of confusion on both ends. He was spot-on in his assessment of a normal shooter's scope placement and the shooting technique, notwithstanding your disability.

Now, since that is out of the way... If you can find a Kimber 84M in .260 Rem, they are dandy rifles. They're not made in .260 Rem anymore, so it may be difficult to find, but they are great shooters. They are very light (6.5lbs), which may or may not be a factor considering your disability. They are not cheap though, expect to pay around $800 for a used one in good condition.

The one I had would group 3 cold-bore shots in a Copenhagen lid at 200yds.
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