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9mm is scarce around here. .40 is getting that way. .45 ACP is still readily available as far as I know. I haven't checked it really closely as I began picking up a box here and there after Sandy Hook just in case it got hard to find. I found some bulk pack Remington hollow points for about 44¢ per round at Walmart and some Estate ball ammo for about 36¢ per round at a LGS; so over the course of a couple weeks I got enough to shoot my carry gun a sufficient amount to stay in practice in the event of a long ammo drought. Of course 5.56/.223 is very scarce and 75¢ to $1.10 per round when you do find it.

I have some magazines backordered from Brownells. Haven't had any word on how long it will be. 18 days thus far.
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