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Well, Willy the county I live in (metro ATL) got their new Glocks about 6 years ago for FREE. Swapped out old S&W for new Glocks.

So you tell me, who does Glock (all of them) make more money off of - gov't or civie?

By your reasoning we have more power to the Manf. Heck, just look at the advertising they do. Why would they do that if our $ did not add up?

I have NO doubt the folks working in Ilion are some of the best folks. Applies to many Manf. But WE MUST make the makers understand. How much would it cost to move? I don't know? How much would Free States (in this economy) be willing to throw in to get a Manf plant to move there? (a lot I am guessing)


Boycotting South Africa was not going to make a difference. The bus boycotts of the late 50's & 60's was not going to make a difference. Homosexuals telling companies to boycott THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA FOR GOD'S SAKE was not going to make a difference!


And we need to tell Manf in Free States to make places like NY treat the Police like the state is treating their citizens. And we need to let Manf in non-free states know we would like them to move.

I, frankly, don't see where it will hurt. I see it helping the Manf make more $ vs. giving away their products for almost nothing vs considering their customer base that actually makes them $$$$.
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