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Teach the poor Newb. The load manuals are sometimes not helpful or just plain wrong/silly. We can teach them here, in minutes, what might have taken them years to understand just a couple decades ago, because they would have had to figure it out on their own or hope for a local mentor

As I said in my first post, I am always happy to help a new reloader. I will answer questions on technique, procedure, give tips and helpful tricks. I am happy to give links to powder websites where loads recipes can be found and will suggest powder and other components that should work well for a posters scenario. Many times I will give a range of loads that should work. I will quickly tell them when they are doing something unsafe and will just as quickly confirm when they are doing something right. But again, I do not give specific loads for many reasons. First is the liability or guilt felt if I make an error or a load is used that did not function well. Second is folks learn by doing, imitating may give them basics, but it never makes them proficient, nor does it make them independent. Giving load recipes to folks because they don't want to take the time to look them up or test them themselves is only making them more dependent on others. Kinda like the kid in high school that always stopped you in the hall before class looking for the answers to the day's assignment. While his everyday grades looked good, he never really learned and when test time came around he was lost. It costs no more to test loads suggested by the manuals as "most accurate" than it does to test those given on line. I have yet to find any major published manual "just plain wrong and or silly". As I said before, they not only give load recipes but give info on load development and how components and reloading tools work as well as differences between them. They do not go away when the power is off or the hard drive crashes and they are easy to keep close to the bench for quick reference. Maybe I'm just old school. What others do is up to them and does not matter to me one iota.....
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