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The 11THXP doesn't have the AccuStock (which has mixed reviews, anyway), and the Trophy Hunter is also available in a Youth model... sure he didn't order or get the Youth by mistake?

The .260 has made some real inroads with the long-range crowd along with the other .264 calibers. It's a fantastic round with great external ballistics- what exactly is the complaint? Not a ton of factory ammo for it though- most guys that shoot it, handload.

You're unhappy with the matte finish...why did you/he order it that way, then? It clearly states it's matte in their specs, and I've never seen a hunter want a rifle with a gloss finish that's going to reflect sunlight.

You're unhappy with the cheap stock, and I get that.

But keep in mind, this was a " package" rifle designed to hit a price point including an optic.

We have several Savages, we shoot all of them long-range and they're all capable, one still has the factory barrel.

You most certainly can get a .260 in an AR platform, DPMS makes a decent one at a good price point (well, good luck trying to get one these days though).

But if you're looking for .260 performance in the AR-15 platform, suggest you consider the 6.5 Grendel. My son has one, it's outrageous at 600 yards.

There's no reason that .260 Savage shouldn't shoot minute of angle with the factory barrel in a decent stock.

I just got a Shaw barrel in .260, and will be re-barreling one of our .308 Savages with it next week.
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