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Thanks UncleNick. That seems like some pretty sound advise. The one edge that I have that I guess most dont, is I live in the country and can setup a pistol and rifle range literally in my back yard. So, testing a load is as simple as putting up my target and walking to my folding chair and table. So, with any loads I get, I will cross referance safe tolerance from my Speer manual, and tinker with it in small variations. I did read on another thread that the best thing to do was to practice making a bunch of "dummy" rounds that didnt have powder just to get the process down, then go back and pull the bullet and add powder once I get the process down pat. Now, for this i understand the best step to avoid a bullet with no charge going into my guns, would to pull all the bullets from every dummy round before attempting to add a charge to any of the rounds.
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