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the store wants 547 plus tax for it. i know it needs a complete rebuild
I can get a NEW one for that, maybe cheaper.
Edit: I just checked. I can pick up a new blued 5.5" for $539. If it was
in-stock, the 7.5" version would run $554.

I paid $350 for mine, with just a little holster wear on the barrel and ejector shroud. Although that was ~14 years ago, prices have remained pretty constant here, on the Super Blackhawks. The same thing probably wouldn't break $400 today.

For the condition you describe, I wouldn't pay more than $300 in today's market - and that would only happen if there was just something about THAT revolver that made me want it. Otherwise, I'd keep looking. Super Blackhawks aren't too difficult to come by (at least not in the places I have lived).

If, for some reason, you do decide to purchase it, Ruger should fix it. You just have to cover shipping (about $100-130 to ship it yourself; or less than $20 to have an FFL do it).

I recently discovered that my own SBH was worn out ( and ). I shipped it off to Ruger, to see if they'd fit a new cylinder and base pin, and fix the lockup issues. On Tuesday, they told me they replaced the barrel, cylinder, base pin, ejector shroud, hardware (all screws/pins), and did a full refinish/reblue no cost to me. Okay, a little cost - I paid $12 for flat-rate shipping through an FFL.

I can't wait to get it back.
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