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Thanks all. I've looked at various sites and pricing for a sale seems to vary.
One location said 650-700, I saw one that had sold for 895 and looking at a writing from what appeared to be Gun Digest, it said 1295 - which I find hard to believe.

I had been looking at a mini 14 ranch and just kept putting it off until all this stuff took off and now, things are just crazy. My wife has been pressuring me to do "something" with it; she just doesn't understand it sitting in a box for 40 years taking up space and I'm trying to persuade her to let me have a walk in closet to expand gun storage space. I don't really want to sell it since it has been around for a long time - just trying to figure out how to get the most out of it. I didn't buy it back then as an investment. I bought it and a John Wayne commemmorative because the store was going out of business, the price was pretty good and they looked nice. I gave the John Wayne to my best friend 20 years ago. Since I had waited this long to fire it, and at my age, I thought it might just be better if I just let it sit and maybe it would be worth something for the kids (I'm only 62 so I hope to hang around for quite a while Just trying to get some objective thoughts from outside my head to help me make a good decision. My appreciation to all who have offered advice.
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