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Originally Posted by Sarge View Post
The basic Glock is a good gun, Gen 4's not so much. Personally, I'd trade it on a G30 if I could make a good deal on one. But don't get
hosed. If you come out better selling them, bide your time and do that.
That exactly what I did! Lol. Thanks for the input guys.

As for sending them in to the factory. I cannot. Both are highly customized and voided on the warranty.

The gen 4 Glock has all the right parts and its still acting up. That's a gen 4 for you. And the mil spec was bubba'ed a long time ago. When I first got into 1911's years and years ago. Before I knew better. No not by me. But it needed a new barrel cause the crowning was beyond horrible. The safety couldn't be worked normally. Too stiff. And the cerakote Well cerakote. Not to mention they throated too much on the frame and there's no coming back from that. The person who got it said they can fix them and didn't mind.

So even trade for the Glock 30sf 3rd gen and I don't feel cheated at all. Nobody wanted them for anything. They wouldn't sell user consignment. Nothing. It was two years trying to move the 1911 with no luck. Jammed too. Just. Glad it's gone.

The Glock...gen 4 left a bad taste in my mouth. Gave it way too many chances and don't want so many handguns with issues.

I feel better this way. Instead of listing it where it won't get sold. It's always better in person to list and issues it may have. And that worked.

The gen 4 19 was stipples by me. Love it or hate it. I finally found someone who bought it and didn't mind it and actually liked it and didn't try offering me $150 for it.

In the end, I'm really happy with my Glock 30sf. Been wanting one anyways. I posted 2 threads that pertain to this.

One on the Springfield being messed up.

One on almost getting a Glock 30 but falling through.

I'm good!

As for the 1911 mags. I have factory colt mags which have been flawless and the sig 1911 mags.

I said the thing about to the mags to give me some leverage today. But didn't even mention it. I was straight with it all. After being denied on every table I went to. Didn't want to bring them home.

Thanks guys!

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