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Let's traded what is essentially a hi-cap .22magnum for a pair of .357 SA revolvers, and good ones at that.

Leaving aside monetary concerns, and the current panic bubble prices, I say you got the better deal.

Not terribly clear from your post, but ordered guns, consecutive ser#s, those would have to be New Vaqueros, right? Nice guns, but not the same as Vaqueros. I have a pair of original Vaqueros, SS, 4 5/8", .45 Colt, as well as a 5.5" .45Colt New Vaquero.

There is a slight difference in size, but, being a new model Blackhawk fan, I'm fine with the original Vaquero. I'm not crazy about my NewVaquero, (mostly the grips), but it seems.....small.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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