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Interesting Newsmax poll results

Just voted in a newsmax poll on Obama's proposed gun laws. I found the results interesting:

Should the federal government regulate guns of any type?
Yes, it should - 127,283(26%) No, it should not - 349,723(73%)

Should Congress ban semi-automatic weapons?
Yes, it should - 98,358(20%) No, it should not - 380,441(79%)

If Congress does not act, should President Obama use an executive order to ban or strictly control the sale of semi-automatic weapons?
Yes, he should - 88,561(18%) No, he should not - 389,645(81%)

Do you agree that the Second Amendment gives citizens the right to own and bear guns without infringement?
Yes, I agree - 398,214(83%) No, I don't agree - 80,342(16%)
Of course, the mainstream media reports the troglodytes in Congress oppose gun control despite all the polls showing the public is in overwhelming support of new gun control laws. Kinda puts it all in perspective, doesn't it!
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