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Which rifle in .260 Rem.?

My Dad got a Savage 11THXP for Christmas. He likes it, but I find it only so-so given the hype over Savages on Internet forums. For starters, the stock is chintzy and seems to be made for a much taller person (I'm 5'8" with short arms). Also, the magazine doesn't release smoothly, which drives me nuts. Lastly, there is nothing attractive about the matte finish. The Accu-Trigger is sweet, though.

I am probably stuck with a bolt action using see-thru mounts.

If I could get this caliber in something other than a bolt, then I would. I find most bolt actions very straight-stocked and it can be difficult to get down into my scope. I would also eventually put a youth stock on it or possibly a thumbhole. Savage, in their infinite wisdom, offers both configurations but not in .260. Also, they don't offer a non-package .260 without Accu-stock (not interested). I've considered their Lightweight Hunter - but would be afraid of running into accuracy issues, and of course, I would feel terrible about cutting down the stock to around 13" LOP.

So I'm thinking about a different rifle in this caliber. If you own a .260, please share your experiences. Especially interested in group sizes.

Thank you in advance.
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