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I have LC once fired military. I bought 1500 for 8 cents including shipping. It has worked very well in both a Remington 700 and a WW15. I sort by weight rather than year since weight pertains to capacity and thus I can expect pretty consistent pressure that way.
I keep 100 rd lots together so they have all been loaded the same number of times.
I do not mix manufacturer head stamps to avoid having brass of different hardness etc.
I have gotten good accuracy and velocity of + or - 25 fps using this method. Fired a 5 rd group through the chrony yesterday and had 3 duplicate velocity. That is why I have not bothered to refine my sorting any further. And if I follow the basic fundamentals of reloading the .223 is not that picky about which powder, primer etc I use. My rifles seem to do pretty well with any load I have tried. I just tweak to the best groups in can get for a powder/bullet combination and then stay with that.
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