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The VAST majority of 3 Gunners use a Low Mass carrier, most from JP, and a mil-spec bolt. Some guys run the enhanced bolt, some just put an upgrade kit on their mil-spec. The ONLY bolts I have personally seen fail at a major 3Gun match have been JP bolts...but then there are more of them than the others.

The guys who don't run JP Low Mass carriers are by and large sponsored by a rifle company or have other ties to a direct competitor of JP. We build custom upper for competition and I do recomend and use the JP low mass carriers, but I use the standard mils-spec bolts.

Properly staked and greased, most people will never see any difference in carriers. If you want to go low mass, there are only 2 choices. The JP low mass (Stainless or QPQ) or the Youngs UltraLight (Chromed). Bolts...don't cut corners!

So, depending on your build and purpose, it might be worth it, but probably not.
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