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Few misconceptions here, starting with this:

I'm not sure about other places, but in NJ you have to be 21 and have a pistol permit for every pistol you buy.

You can obtain a pistol permit to purchase a handgun in NJ at age 18. You can NOT use it at a federally licensed dealer to purchase a handgun as there is a FEDERAL law regarding DEALER SALES to individuals under 21. You can use the permit to purchase from an individual though.

IF he wants to pass it to you while he is alive, you will need to obtain a permit. NJ law does not recognize any differences in transfers within a family v/s from a third party.

If you INHERIT it when he passes on, you do not need a permit, nor do you need to register it. It's yours IF he puts it into his will, or writes a short note setting forth the fact that he is passing it on to you. You do NOT need to then go register it. There is NO MANDATORY HANDGUN REGISTRATION in New Jersey. TRANSFERS are recorded, but if you get one some other way (out of state before you move in, inherit one, etc., etc) you do NOT need to register it.

If he gifts it to you while he's still alive, you will have to transfer thru a New Jersey FFL.

NO NO NO NO.... it's just a "face to face sale" and although it does need a permit to purchase be issued, there is NO FFL REQUIREMENT.

Almost EVERY reply above is wrong. This is due to the patchwork of laws that blankets the entire USA. It's also why asking for assitance on internet forums is fraught with peril. Read the Law yourself. Reading the law is easy to do... go onto NJ's website and dig in a bit.



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