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Well guys... I went duck hunting several times already! It is a lot tougher than I imagined, but mainly walking through the muck and dragging a heavy canoe around. I watched my friend at first since I am not a good judge of distance or lethal range. After watching him shoot a opulent of ducks, I started shooting at them too.

The first day, we didn't get in until late and there weren't too many ducks flying. I walked out a little distance and had a duck fly almost overhead. I turned and nailed it when it was about 15 feet in front of me. My friend was watching from a distance and saw me pop it right in the head. It was pretty cool getting my first kill. I walked around a little more and had a coot fly put of a grassy patch in front of me. It was a low crossing shot but I nailed it and tumbled it. We were short on time so we called it a day.

We went the following day and got in right away. He nailed 2 ducks almost right off the bat and then nothing for the next hour and a half. I heard a lot of commotion about 100 yards away. My friend told me it was probably a bunch of coots. Since there was nothing else to do I decided to stalk the coots. I skirted the edge and got all to way over to them undetected. A stupid crow that was sitting right by them started cawing and I saw them move into the thicker grass. There was a second group right behind them that did not move. I was within 25 feet when I ripped off 2 shots side by side. I was pretty sure I hit about 4 or 5 of them. When I got over there, I saw that I nailed 11 coots! Out of the 11, only 3 of them were moving. I finished them off and gathered up the coots. It was rough carrying everything back to the canoe, especially through the muck. Too bad I didn't know coot tastes so funky. Oh well, at least I got to experience stalking prey. I also got a crazy story about taking out 11 coots with 2 shots!

The Beretta A400 functioned flawlessly. I shot Remington's HyperSonic 3" #4 shot. It is advertised to shoot at 1700 fps which is at least 150 - 200 fps faster than other high velocity rounds. I tripped while wading and partially submerged the shotgun. I shook it out and checked to ensure the barrel was not obstructed. The gun functioned perfectly. Overall, I am very pleased with the Beretta A400 and believe it would make an excellent duck gun. I am thinking about getting a slug barrel for it and going boar hunting. I can probably just use my Sako 70 in 30.06 instead. I'm looking forward to it!
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