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While I am always willing to help a new reloader, I am hesitant to give out any reloading recipes on the interweb. It always amazes me the amount of folk that brag about the new Dillon 1050 they bought, along with 5000 primers, 2000 bullets and 8#s of XXX42 powder. They now want someone on the interweb to give them the perfect recipe for their gun using a mismatch of components they bought without knowin' squat. God forbid they spend the $25 for a good manual first and look for the appropriate components beforehand..

Reloading manuals are not just load recipes. While the internet, internet forums and company websites are great sources of information, reading a manual BEFORE buying $1000 worth of tools and components is what one needs to do. Then there are those that are just too lazy to open the manual they have and to work up a load in their gun. They'd rather have someone else tell them what's the best and then are happy to shoot loads that shoot "good enough". They send high priced bullets downrange with mediocre accuracy and think they are saving money by reloading.
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