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DNS, don't get me wrong, I try to avoid giving business to such places. But...

... when it is Christmas season, and the only shopping mall in the area is posted, I am not driving thirty miles to the next city;

... if my wife or family really want to go to a place, I will also make an exception on a limited basis, but I will carry.

I used to be on the "just don't go there" side of the aisle, but then I realized that just lets the antis convince more and more businesses to post. So, while I try to give most of my business to places that do not post, I am not going to induly inconvenience myself for thr antis.

In Arizona, where any reasonably understandable sign carries force of law, then I go somewhere else.

In Kansas, where ignoring the sign is a $50 citation, I will most likely go elsewhere - not sweating the $50, but not wanting the citation.
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