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HR 236:

The Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives may hire at least 50 additional personnel for the purpose of carrying out additional inspections as provided for in the amendments made by this Act.
That is awesome. I would to see the study that was done that says 50 new personnel will be required to enforce this law.

HR 227:

(f) National Academy of Sciences Standards- The Attorney General, through the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Justice Programs, shall enter into an arrangement with the National Academy of Sciences to develop standards for identifying, and identify, guns that are the most likely to be used in violent crimes and establish a pricing scale for purchasing guns so identified through gun buyback programs receiving grants under this section.
Using real data looks like HiPoint Pistols are about to go through the roof and the bottom will drop out of the AR market.

With a barely-functional and beat-up $30 Marlin 785, a used $30 pistol grip stock, and a trip to the local turn-in location, a person could net $1,940 in profit.
Why look for a stock? Just thread the barrel and be done with it.

I'm in. Sounds like I will be saving $1950/ a year in taxes and getting junk off the market. I can't help it if the people writing the law are willfully ignorant, they choose to be that way despite our best efforts to educate them. It is their system, I am just along for the ride even if it is a downward spiral.

ETA: I gave this some more thought and now wish the NRA would back this last one (HR 226) hard. There would be some great advantages:

- Criminals will not benefit like they do during gun buy backs when trying to get rid of crime guns for cash. Since they mostly pay no taxes there is no incentive for them to participate.

- The money given can be used to fund much better gun purchases. For minimal costs I can fund a new AR project every year. Just about anyone would be able to afford a nice new gun purchase by trading in old junk.

- Gun makers will benefit all around. Low end gun makers will benefit from purchase and trade in. High end gun makers will benefit after the tax returns come in. If used properly it would be very much like a cash for clunkers give away program.
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