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Nice to hear that you were a brave soul Doc and went to the show. I kind of have a feeling that most gun shows right now are about the same. Cripes, you can't even go to a LGS now without running in to a frenzied crowd on a mission to "panic buy". I guess it's human nature to take advantage of situations but some of the outright price gouging that is going on is beyond belief - but - I guess if someone is willing to fork over the $$ we'd all take a second thought on it.

I'm in AZ now for a few months and up in Tucson, one of the "more enlightened" council members is proposing a ban on all gun shows in the Tucson area - he's worried that proper background checks aren't being made. Now let's see . . . . isn't this the same area whee the BATF put together a "sting" (which they didn't want to admit to) of obtaining weapons illegally, smuggling them into Mexico only to have one of them come back across the border to be used to kill a BP Agent about 20 miles from where I am - and that was the Feds . . . . and we all know the Federal Govt. is working on bans to "protect us".

Anyway, glad you found a parking space at the show Doc. Hopefully all of this "frenzy" will end in the near future and things get back to normal. . . if there is such a thing left in this country.
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