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johnwilliamson062, what is your issue with teachers and administrators? What is the conflict between "disciplinarian" roles and carry?

I am pretty sure the plan is for covertly armed volunteers, so a kid getting in trouble at school should never know the teacher is armed. Do you think a teacher is going to draw to make a point? If so, what do you think about concealed carriers in general?

With regard to LE or military training, two separate thoughts:

1. A specific training course should be established for a school volunteer program, and all participants should complete it. Some would have a much easier time than others.

2. As I understand it, the concept most of us back would not entail volunteers making arrests, but rather setting up armed barriers to contain a shooter in a small area, or keep a shooter out of an area, while LE was called to respond. Why is LE training required for this?
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