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Who prefers Sub-Compact Glocks?

I have had a few different Glocks over the years, the first being a Gen 2 G17. Did not care for it much and traded it off. Years later I tried a G23 Gen 3, ended up trading it off, same for a G19 Gen 3. I came to the conclusion that they just did not work for me and went off to different things.

Last year my job switched for revolvers to Glock 23 Gen4 s. I liked the new grip of the Gen 4, it just fit my hand better and I shot it fairly well. So I bought one for CCW and HD. Well, while at the range one day a friend let me try his G27 Gen 3 and I was really impressed how good it felt in my hands. I actually shot it better than any other Glock I have ever shot. I liked it so much that I ended up buying a G27 Gen 3.

I must say the G27 (IMO) is the best Glock. Perfect for CCW and still enough firepower to be used as a HD gun. It is the first Glock I can say I am completely satisfied with. I think it is bacause the hump on the grip fills the hollow of my hand vs riding lower. My shooting has actually improved with the G27, even at greater distances. I can easily make 60 foot head shots, I know there are those that do a lot better, but it is good for me.

I like it so much so that I am working a deal to trade my G23 Gen 4 for a Glock 27 Gen 4. Not that I don't like the G23, it is just that the G27 fits my needs more.

Anyone else find that they prefer the Sub-Compact Glocks over the bigger models?
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