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Problem with S&W 1000 semi auto shotgun

My neighbor inherited his father in law's S&W 1000 12 gauge 3" chamber semi auto shotgun. Not the new made by Howa version, this is a 30 year or older version. It is clean, and it looks like it has hardly been used.
We were out at my club practicing trap and immediately noticed that it would not eject and reload on its own. No problem manually ejecting and reloading.
He was using Remington "GUN CLUB" 2-3/4" #8 shot shells. Those 2-3/4" shells cycled fine in my Rem. 11-87 with 3" chambering. I had him try the Federal Gold Medal 2-3/4" 1140 ft/sec. #8 shells I was using and still his shotgun gun would not eject and reload on its own. The bolt never appeared to try to eject.
Anybody familiar with the inner workings of this S&W and what to look for as the problem(s)? I assume there is a gas piston in the workings somewhere. If you could guide us to diagrams on the typical internal design, we would appreciate that more than you know.
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