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So what is the "insurance" supposed to do? Is it for theft, fire or to compensate the victims if one was to go crazy and do something stupid?
The latter, but also including compensation for the victim(s) if a gun is stolen and used in a crime. Which will mean, of course, providing the insurance company with a list of your guns and their SNs, storing them as the insurance company dictates, allowing them not to insure you if you have something they don't like, letting them know when you buy a new gun, etc., etc. Like most everything else gun-related in Massachusetts, the object is simply to make it so onerous to be a law-abiding gun owner that you finally give up and go play golf, or take up a second job so you can pay your taxes.

The only answer is to get out, and get out now. There's a time to try to save the ship and a time to face reality and abandon ship. The time for Massachusetts gun owners to abandon ship came years ago. It's never going to get better, it will only get worse. I got out and it was the best decision I ever made.
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