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Posts: 428 wife has carried a Bersa Thunder 380 for many years now. It is one of our favorite guns. The gun provides low recoil, is fun and easy to shoot. It is a reliable gun unless you feed it steel ammo, then it tends to have malfunctions. It never malfunctions with Brass so stick to a good ammo.

With that said she just recently switch to the 5 shot snubby and I will be taking over the .380. We decided on this for a couple of reasons. With a revolver you do not need to worry about misfires or jams and there is no thinking in using them. Just draw and pull the trigger. Under a time of stress it would be very difficult for most people to clear a jam in an auto loader unless you have a lot of practice. I wanted something to would take that out of the equation for her should a situation ever arise.

The snubby is much easier to conceal as well. A bit smaller than the bersa and easy to put in a coat pocket or her purse. When I carry the .380 I generally wear a paddle holster with it. It is a bit big for a pocket but still a great pistol.

One other thing....we like the Bersa so much we picked up one in .22 caliber also to have some range fun with.
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