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I assume John is referring to the Free State Project and he's using the term "liberal" in its true sense, i.e., "free" or "generous", as opposed to in the political sense.

Assuming that to be the case, I'd like to agree, but I'm afraid I don't see it. I don't detect any impact of FSP and frankly never hear anything about them in the press or elsewhere. I wish it were otherwise, but I try to pay attention to these things and, from my perspective, they're invisible.

As I alluded to in my earlier post, the state was overall quite "blue" in the last election, electing a Democrat Governor (the last one was also) and two Democrat US representatives, along with voting to re-elect Obama. In my own very rural central portion of the state, the incumbent State Rep, a rabid anti-gunner, was easily re-elected. None of that, of course, was abetted by either of the two votes in my household. The state legislature recently turned back an attempt to not require a CCL for concealed carry (as in Vermont and a couple other states) and reversed their position on allowing elected officials to carry in the State House.

On the other hand, the NH Association of Chiefs of Police is currently taking a bit of heat from the Boston Globe (not that they care) for holding a fund-raising raffle that has 30 NH-manufactured firearms, including at least one Evil Black Rifle, as prizes. Gotta love that.

I think that NH will, on balance, continue to be very gun-friendly for the foreseeable future and certainly for the rest of my life (I'm 64) but, as with many other aspects of life in the US, I'm not optimistic about the long-term.
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