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If you're truly interested in becoming proficient with a handgun, as opposed to just making a bunch of noise, a .22 should always be your first purchase. Your second purchase should be a case (5,000 rounds) of .22 ammo. After you've used up most, maybe all, of the case in real practice sessions you can think about your next caliber handgun.

I have about 100 guns in the safe. I still own, and regularly shoot, my first handgun, a Ruger Single-Six revolver I purchased about 40 years ago. I probably still shoot more .22 rimfire ammo than all all other calibers combined (I reload for maybe 30 or so different cartridges) and I don't think my experience is at all unique.

Your buddies may or may not be dullards, but they're certainly giving you bad counsel in this case.
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