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Entry Level/budget Revolvers?

I am mainly a pistol guy for whatever reason. I have a heritage rough rider convertible that is fun to shoot but I never really got hooked. I'm starting to think I would like to get a DA revolver. I did a search and read a lot of threads but figured I would try to get some up to date suggestions.

The kicker is I am leaning towards .22mag. I don't care if it is convertible, I have a rifle in .22wmr and I am a fan of the round. Would like to give it a whirl in a 4" gun or something in that neighborhood. Not really interested in a snub nose. My mom has shown some interest in shooting and I'm thinking this would be something good to start her on. She has shot a .22 buckmark and did well, and tried a PK.380 and did ok but has a lot of difficulty racking the slide on either. I'm thinking a wheel gun might be a better option and the .22mag would expose her to a little more power than a .22 without a lot of recoil, and I wouldn't have to add a new caliber to my ammo buying.

I handled a taurus tracker at a gun show and like the size/feel but didn't get to try the trigger. It was zip tied and the booth was so busy I didn't want to bother the guy when I wasn't ready to buy. Do these typically have a horribly heavy trigger? Can it be improved at all? I don't need competition quality but don't want a super heavy trigger, think ruger LCP as a bare minimum.

Haven't got to handle a charter arms pathfinder, whats the story on them? Are they an improvement over the taurus?

Does anyone else make a 4"-6" .22mag in DA? I'd like to stay under $400

If there is nothing good in that category I will consider a .38 but want to consider all .22wmr possibilities first.
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