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It's been happening a long time.

Your freedom has been limited and the process of more limits occuring now for quite a while. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

<<Who needs a car with an engine over 450 HP to drive in a city?
Who needs a motorcycle which is capable of reaching 180mph?
Who needs a 30 ft fishing boat with twin 300HP outboards on it?

and then try to put limitations on every aspect of our life?

We witnessed the same mentality limiting the size of soda with the same question of "who needs a soda over 16 oz."

Why it's anyone's business why I want more than 10 rounds in my gun...

Wear your seatbelt.
No smoking in public.
Speed limits
Can't build something on your land without approval/tax.
Must be 21 to buy alcohol.

The limits are everywhere, you just have accepted the previous/current ones as something to help prolong life and not as something that took away your freedoms or choices.
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