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Detective Special's are fragile, and must be treated like a princess... NOT!!!

Colt "D" frame revolvers were included in pilot survival kits during the late 50's and the 60's. Some were issued to Air Crew's along with a bunch of S&W's.

I own several "D" frame colts of older vintage. The oldest being a colt 1950's police positive special. I also own a pre 1963 deective special. Altogether I own 6 colt "D" revolvers, along with three troopers, and four Official Police models. All of them are shooters, in line to be carried. Only one 1960's O/P has ever given any trouble. A timing issue.

Colts are not fragile. Colts are not delicate. Colts are hand fitted and that makes them to be more suseptable to issues caused by the kitchen table gunsmith. Any colt is as robust, and dependable as any like vintage S&W revolver. These revolvers were carried as duty, off duty, back-up, and desk drawer guns by police officers for decades, and decades.
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