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Otherwise i really don't know of any other air pistols that would quickly and humanely kill varmints as large as rabbit from distances past 25 yards.
Past 25 yards is a haul for sure.
Years ago....before we had the sophisticated air guns that we have now (think 1976 or so), I was camping out for the summer and hunting rabbits for food. I had an old Crosman .22 pump up pistol - pretty much like their current model 1322 - that I used for rabbits. I would pump it up way past the recommended max - maybe 18-20 pumps. Blew the seals by the end of the summer. In any case, I took eight rabbits with nine shots total. Average distance would have been close to that 25 yards, a couple a bit longer though not much so.
That was using the basic Crosman pellet.....14 grain flat point. I wonder now if there were any other pellets available then....back in the day.
Still have that old pistol. Sent it out a couple of years ago to have it repaired....a reputable fellow. He said that he'd overhauled it, but but it still doesn't pump up and hold air at all.
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