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Ammo limitations ??? Scenarios???

I love to hear when the question of "Who needs more than 10 bullets" are proudly repeated by anti-gun zealots like if they found a legitimate point for their argument...

I am scared that next time they will ask;

Who needs a car with an engine over 450 HP to drive in a city?
Who needs a motorcycle which is capable of reaching 180mph?
Who needs a 30 ft fishing boat with twin 300HP outboards on it?

and then try to put limitations on every aspect of our life?

We witnessed the same mentality limiting the size of soda with the same question of "who needs a soda over 16 oz."

Why it's anyone's business why I want more than 10 rounds in my gun...

But most importantly why 10?
Why not, 12 or 14 or 17?
Who decided that 10 is the perfect number of rounds?
Based on what?

I live in CA...
Who can guarantee me there will never be a riot like it happened after Rodney King case where I may need to defend my life and property against an angry crowd.

Who can guarantee me there won't be a major disaster in CA which will cause a civil unrest like it happened after Katrina where I have to defend my family and my property?

Why my government officials have the audacity to tell me, my life is not as important or valuable as theirs to deserve self protection?

While I am in the service as a Navy sniper I trained and used multiple high tech weapons during Desert Storm but now as a civilian who is residing in NorCal I can't even carry a simple revolver, even though I live near by a city infested with violent gangs.

Go figure!
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