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Hal, so you know, any former US Army MP that entered in 2008 (the year the MP Corp became FLETC recognized) is also recognized as a federal law enforcement official. They are mandated to conduct an 80 hour recert every year to maintain that certification to include F.E.M.A. certifications. If they do not, you can no longer perform law enforcement duties until you get your certifications back in line.

As to your remark "Sorry - I'm against the idea of vets doing security work in schools.
Possibly unarmed assistants - or - armed if their past military training includes dealing with the civilian population on a non-authoritive basis."

They do receive training as being liaisons for the community that does not involve law enforcement authority and numerous joint training events are conducted with civilian L.E. agencies. They still however are court mandated reporters.

As to your remark "Possibly ex-MP - but - even there the ex MP's I've known have some "attitude" issues."

That would mainly be due to them never going any further than E-3, because they sucked and their recruiter lied to them {sarcasm}. But actually for the time they were in they were dirtbags and couldn't hack it, so they got out and are still disgruntled. You mainly find these type as DA cops now since they are Govt. Service employees and for the most part are still dirtbags!

As to all of the other MOS's/rates. Yes you correct in your remark(s).
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