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All LEO's in Ohio go through more than "basic" training.....and for a lot more than just "security".
The more I think about this the less I like the idea of instructors and administrators involved in discipline being armed. Makes a lot more sense to me to allow janitors and secretaries who aren't involved in discipline. I am not sure it lends to a great learning environment.

Making broad generalizations about police officers or vets having received training is pretty foolish. Many officers in Ohio have very limited firearms training. Not everyone in the military receives firearm training. My BIL was pulled out of basic the day they were sent to the range and he didn't go to infantry school, so he never received training. Of course, he spent his 5 years working on electronics.

Police in Ohio are required to shoot something like 56 rounds a year. 100 hours isn't really all that much, especially when half the class is not familiar with firearms.

I could also post some links to videos showing how terribly irresponsible some of Ohio's LEO are and a to the AGs report indicating they are the profession most responsible for human trafficking in Ohio.
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