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A wee bump...

What is it worth to you?
I can now tell you that a 1956 pre-Model 20 with great bore and traces-of-blueing finish is worth $550 to me, since that is what I paid at the gun show today!

There is only a bit of rust pitting and I am more and more happy I bought it. It has the wonderful S&W short action and just balances great.

I've been looking at, and haggling over, this exact gun with the guy for 2 or more years, finally got it. And don't nag about pictures. Harry C. said "A man's got to know his limitations." and mine include photography

OBTW, I was off the internet on Friday and knew nothing about the Gun Support day or whatever that some people organized. And was shocked by the overflowing parking lots and long lines at the Puyallup WA gunshow.

Bart Noir
5 extra points to those who can pronounce 'Puyallup'. My dear mother never could, but then, she was living in central and eastern Washington, a near and yet far land.
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