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I’m concerned that a lot of these pro-2A politicians may cave when Mr. Obama puts the pressure on them.

I don't see that the President can really exert any real pressure here. Some legislators are vulnerable in 2014, and they're conscious of the voters' will to some extent. Those who aren't just have to wait out the 2nd term.
He may be able to threaten withholding campaign money from those who don't "toe the line". This is, however, assuming that he has campaign money left to withhold as, during the last election, he basically told Congressional Democrats that they were on their own insofar as campaign funding was concerned because he'd be needing all of it for himself (President Obama ran the most expensive campaign in U.S. history). Also, this would only apply to Democrats as Republicans are not getting campaign money from Obama anyway. Being that the Republicans still hold the House and the Democrats do not have a filibuster-proof "super majority" in the Senate, Obama will need Republicans votes to get gun control passed and he really doesn't have anything to threaten Republicans with.
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