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The "big" Boberg makes no sense to me, it's similar in size to a G29/G30, and twice the price.
I think it would make a lot more sense after a careful comparison.

Boberg XR9
Length: 5.95"
Height: 4.2"
Width: 0.96"
Barrel length: 4.2"
Weight: 18.5oz with unloaded mag.

Glock 29
Length: 6.96"
Height: 4.44"
Width: 1.27"
Barrel length: 3.77"
Weight: 24.7oz

Clearly it is not "similar" in size to the Glock 29/30. It's 6 oz lighter over an inch shorter in length, shorter in height and thinner than the Glock 29/30.

In fact, it's smaller and lighter than anything Glock makes.

Glock 26
Length: 6.49"
Height: 4.17"
Width: 1.18"
Barrel length: 3.42"
Weight: 19.75oz

The "big" Boberg, is significantly lighter and smaller in every dimension (other than height where it's three hundredths of an inch taller) than the Glock 26 which is the smallest, lightest pistol Glock makes.

In spite of that, it has a barrel that is 0.78" longer than the Glock 26--longer even than the barrel of the Glock 19.

I'm not going to rush right out and buy one, but it certainly would appear that it does what it says it does. It packs a full-length barrel into a package smaller than other gun makers categorize as "subcompact". That makes sense as far as I can see.
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