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No doubt that you are correct about the above modified pistols.
You are, however, citing the exception rather than the rule. That may be misleading to someone unless it is explained upfront that those velocities and energy figures are not to be expected in an over the counter air pistol, though the Evanix AR6 comes close if Pyramyd can be believed (28 grainer at 700 fps and much more money).
Your right about me thinking rifle instead of pistol, /and about the extensive mods vs over the counter product.

I wasn't expecting someone to be looking for an air pistol for hunting game as large as rabbits.

I rather thought it was meant to be for a full power rifle which is more legitamite for hunting, even though this is the Handgun forum

Guess I skipp a few important words at times.

Most others fine tune their PCPs though- just the nature of the technology and the hobby of PCPs.

I was actually suprised at how easily modifyable the Maurader pistol is.

-Otherwise i really don't know of any other air pistols that would quickly and humanely kill varmints as large as rabbit from distances past 25 yards.
With rabbits- "especially the Jacks on my property",- 60-75 yards is usually how close I'm able to walk before they hit the gas pedal. That is unless its covert/ blind style hunting.


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