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not nice to trade in problem guns
I'm openly bitter, for having gotten 2-3 problematic guns off dealers already.

If he asks? Sure bud...this is why.

Safety on that Mil-Spec is stiff as can be. It shoots fine, accurate as heck. Jams sometimes. I have no good 1911 mags. If you want trial and error with it, go ahead. you said. Easy.

He is asking $950 for that thing..I'm a little impatient with internet sales. I also haven't seen a commander size down here in about a year. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough? I don't know. I want it before it's gone.

Also, I have no sentimental value or regrets after I get rid of those for that Colt Commander. I feel I don't have the patience or time anymore to fix guns like that. However, that Colt is completely factory and I wouldn't mind tuning and extractor if need be. All else seems well with it.

The Mil-Spec is custom and the Glock 19 is custom. That's always a hit or miss. Usually, that depreciates value tremendously unless you're in private party. (which this guy is)

So I'm going to see if he goes for it. I'll make room in my safe, and have a gun I've always wanted. Already got myself a 9mm Glock that I carry that's a 3rd gen and has been flawless. Have 3 other Government models that I've been happy with but, the SIG 1911 has been the only one carried. The other two are babied cause they're too pretty for me to carry. (they will get banged up) This commander won't recognize a scratch on itself if it gets a new one when it looks in the mirror.

lol ok...NOW that we have more details...what do you guys think?
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