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Let's just say that I'm very pleased with this rifle! The best I shot was 0.161 MOA at 200 yards.

I got to the range today, mounted the scope and took a few shots. I bore sighted it the old fashioned way - looking through the bore. I'd never done it before and I have to say it was easier and (perhaps luckily) more accurate than my Laser Lyte laser bore sighter.

CZ 527 Varmint in .204 Ruger
Hornady 32gr V-Max Factory Ammo
Vortex Viper PA 6.5-20x44
DIP Mount
Burris Signature Zee Rings

Taken at 50 Yards (bore sighted)
Taken from an inexpensive 2 beam Caldwell Rest
Shots 1-2 = .802 MOA
Shots 3-4 = .456 MOA

First "Real" shots (100 yards):
Shots 5-7 = .307 MOA

Switched to Sandbags
Shots 8-9 = .294 MOA
Shots 10-11 = .179 MOA

Switched to Prone with Caldwell Bipod and Rear Sandbag
Shots 12-13 = .427 MOA
Shots 14-15 = .451 MOA
Shots 16-17 = .383 MOA

Moved to 200 Yards.
Used the drop compensation dots with great success.
Shots 18-19 = .161 MOA

Moved to 300 Yards
The wind kicked up and I (obvioulsy) suck at doping the wind.
Shots 20-27 = 1.372 MOA (whoops!)

Considering I'm anything but a hot-shot marksman, I am very pleased with these groups even though they opened up when I switched to the bipod. Normally I would shoot 3, 5, or 7 shot groups and I didn't do that here until the end at 300 yards. The rifle was shooting so consistent that I would just shoot 2 shots and felt comfortable using just the 2 shots to tweak the scope. Tomorrow I might overlay the groups and target centers in an image application and then use OnTarget to see what a big group MOA would have been, But just eye-balling the spreads I don't think it's going to be bad at all.

Thanks gentlemen for your reassurance and suggestions.


PS. Oh my! Do I love that trigger and this rifle! I'm still smiling.

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