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There is no such animal in Idaho as an assault weapon. We do have Assault Rifles however. Most Sheriffs will sign off on you getting a Title II firearm... Heh, they will most likely want to be invited to play with your new toy!

There are no magazine or ammo restrictions of any kind.

Idaho is a "Shall Issue" State. We have a Concealed Weapons Permit. Note the wording. It means what it says. A CWP must be used to conceal while in the environs of any city, town or village, incorporated or not and while traveling in a motor vehicle. No permit is need outside of those limits. Our CWP is good for 5 years.

Oh, we honor all other States permits.

Idaho is an Open Carry State. The Legislature can regulate concealed carry, pretty much however it wants. The State may not ban the open carrying of your firearm. See, In re Brickey, 8 Idaho 597 (1902).

Idaho has a strong pre-emptive State Law. No other corporate entity may promulgate any firearms laws without express statutory authority.

Generally, you may not carry on or in Court Houses, Detention Centers or Jails. Nor in or on any US Govt property where it is prohibited.

"No Guns Allowed" signs carry no force of law. You may be asked to leave, and you should do so. If you fail to leave when requested, you may be cited for trespass.

Idaho has not passed the federal equivalent of the Gun Free Zones Act. However, guns are not generally permitted on or in K-12 schools without the express permission of the local school board. You are permitted to enter the grounds for the express purpose to drop-off or pick-up your children, while armed. You must stay in your vehicle, during this process.

That's pretty much it.
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