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Jason in Iowa.
NY still ranks 6th in manufacturing. A large percentage of GM engines, Ford sheet metal, GM fuel injection systems, transfer cases for Chrysler and others plus a lot more stuff is made in NY. if you buy an american car, chances are part of it was made in NY.
Dan Wesson is made there. Remington's Ilion plant. Kahr is headquartered there (Blauvelt, NY), but not made. I guess Kimber moved in, at least the headquarters, I don't know what else.
Part of the corruption of government that I wrote about earlier is how business is attracted and retained. If you know the right people and make the right noises about expanding or moving or needing help, tax breaks, subsidies, cheap electricity, or what ever magically appears. In the mean time, your competitors get nothing, and the community the business is located in goes begging for tax money needed for basic services.
It's so corrupt that I thought absolutely nothing would surprise me, but the extent of this legislation finally did.
And yes there is a Republican, sort of, Senate that the bill had to go through.
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