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Saiga AK, Gun Appreciation Day, girls and ammo

Today I finally sighted in my Saiga AK. Then I shot off hand at 200 yards again … with a better score since I could actually see the target since I did not have to compensate for the sight deviation off the bore sight.

Today was “Gun Appreciation Day” and it started out early morn with a huge gun show with very long lines to get in, but it was fraught with goodies, and well worth the wait. I bought ammo cheap again, found an AK/SKS sight adjustment tool, hence my rifle being sighted in today. I also found a real AK, metal five-shot magazine that I love. My 30 round mags are cool, but a pain in the you-know-what when I am just shooting for fun, shooting from sand bags or trying to nail precision shots like the 200 and/or 300 off hand shooting days!

I have 100 rounds of various makes through it now, and I will clean it tomorrow for the first time. This has been a fun week with my new AK … you always remember your First Love!

Guns, Girls, and ammo make for a great day!!!
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