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need help with how much drop to adjust for for 1,000 yards when zeroed in at 100

I'm fairly new to shooting past 100 - 250 yards and my brother and I have a gentleman's wager on the best out of 3 shots at 1,000 yards. My problem is that I really don't have any where to practice at that distance close buy so when I go to the 1,000 yard range that we have to rent, it will be my first time pushing this far out.

I have a mil-dot 10-40X50 scope. At 100 yards at 40 magnification, cross hairs are dead center of where I am shooting. I know there is a formula to figure out how much I have to adjust by the dots on the elevation of the scope cross-hairs but needs it explained to me or a formula broken down for the mathematically challenged,

The target will be a simple print-out so the the target height will be 11"s tall and 8.5"s wide. Can someone explain to me how I can figure out the formula for bullet drop at 1000 yards with a cope set up for 100 yards?

I'll worry about windage once I see the conditions at the time of the competition.

Thanks, Dan
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